IDEF Family of Methods
A Structured Approach to Enterprise Modeling & Analysis was developed and is maintained by Knowledge Based Systems, Inc. (KBSI), the developers of the next generation IDEF methods: the IDEF3 Process Flow and Object State Description Capture Method, the IDEF4 Object-Oriented Design Method, and the IDEF5 Ontology Description Capture Method.

IDEF Method Reports

You can download all of the IDEF Method reports from this site.  To place an order for a bound copy of any of the IDEF Method reports ($20.00 per report), please e-mail requests to

Automated IDEF Tools

KBSI has developed automated tools to support the IDEFØ, IDEF1, IDEF1X, and IDEF3 methods.  For more information on their complete suite of IDEF-based modeling and analysis software, see the Tools page on the KBSI website.



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